Alkaline Food Chart Infographic

Below You’ll find our original acid-alkaline food chart infographic. If you’re looking for a printer friendly version, be sure to see our printable alkaline food chart post, otherwise scroll down to download the infogrpahic!

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Beautiful Acid-Alkaline Food Chart

Our food chart was designed to be easy to read and understand. But not only that, we also wanted to make sure people loved what they saw! So we sat down and designed this chart.

Broken up into three major categories

For easier reading, we broke the chart into three major categories:

  • Highly Alkaline Foods
  • Moderately Acid / Alkaline Foods (food’s that are more or less alkaline neutral)
  • Highly Acidic Foods

And each category breaks down further into different food types.

Acid and alkaline food chart, infographic, as seen on Pinterest
Acid-alkaline food chart infographic, as seen on our Pinterest

(images for chart courtesy

Looking for a printer-friendly version of the chart?

Look no further than our printable acid alkaline food chart post! There you’ll find a free copy of the chart, optimized to print on any home-printer!

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