I’m Mr. Alkaline, and this site is dedicated to tools that help us and our readers balance acid and alkaline foods. My wife (Mrs. Alkaline, of course!) and I first learned about acidic and alkaline foods a few years back. One thing we quickly realized was the lack of good information (and even conflicting information) around the net when it came to alkaline foods. So we started to read up on the scientific studies that discovered acidic and alkaline foods, as well as the studies that continue to affirm the effects of these foods on our bodies. We thought we’d share what we learned here, along with the tools we use to help us better understand our health and how different foods effect our body.

Who we are

Just a husband and wife who enjoy good health through a natural, mostly organic diet and regular exercise! Mrs. Alkaline is the chef at a local health food store. Mr. Alkaline is a developer (read: geek), and we both often feel as if there is not enough time in a single day to do the array of different things we love!

Why alkaline foods?

There are so many diet plans out there to chose from. But how do we really know that the diet we chose is actually a healthy one? Our goal was to answer this important question for ourselves, and we think that answer is found within the balancing of acidic and alkaline foods.

Where to start

Take a look at our introduction to the alkaline diet!

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